The copyright on audio and written material on this website is by Sergio Messina. Written material can be freely distribuited on and offline as long as it's for NON COMMERCIAL use and fully credited. For commercial uses (including reprints) please contact the author.

All my music is released under the same license (which is basically an altered version of the Attribution - Share Alike Creative Commons license). Here are some simple rules you should follow when handling my music.

You can:
Download it, copy it to your various devices, give it to your friends, and they can give it to their friends*. You can play it on the radio or webradio, use it in your dj set and include it in your mixtape, you can use it for your online or offline non-commercial video releases, you can use it in your live performances (theater, dance, etc. Wherever possible you should pay the author's rights to your local collecting society)**. You can also sample it, and even commercially release the resulting music for free (all the rights remain fully yours)***.

You cannot:
Re-distribuite the files to the public online or offline, neither for free nor for sale. Use it in commercially released film or documentary, radio or tv advertisment. Release it on CD, Dvd or any other physical carrier. For all these uses (some of which are possible and encouraged, but differently regulated) please contact me.

You must always:
*Leave the ID3 tag of the mp3 files intact.
** Credit me and the piece you use.
*** In the case of a commercially released piece that uses portions of my music: release the resulting music under a CC share alike license, and credit me and the original piece you sampled. Buy me a fine dinner if your track is a hit.

Remember: © Sergio Messina