Drone #1/In a Silent Way

By Sergio Messina/Joe Zawinul
Soundtrack of the piece Bonnot & l'occhio del nonno, written and performed by Giancarlo Biffi
Made for the Marina Café Noir Festival in Cagliari
Recorded at Giardino d'Inferno, Milan, in 2008

Festivals to me are basically made of the people who run it. This is why some festivals are better than others. Of course the partecipants and the program are also a factor, but the most important for me is the people behind it. This is why I love Marina Café Noir: it's lovingly put together by a great, caring and competent group of stubborn sardinians that keep doing it (and get better at it) despite the complex socio-political situation in Cagliari. I've been there twice, and loved it each time. in 2008 they proposed me to collaborate with actor/director extraordinaire Giancarlo Biffi, who was writing a monologue on Jules Bonnot (partly derived from Pino Cacucci's book "In ogni caso nessun rimorso", Feltrinelli).

It was fun to do it, I loved the collaboration and I think the piece made sense as a whole, despite working in remote and having just 2 reharsals together. Here are two of the sound pieces created for this performance. The first is a Drone, and belongs to a family of sounds I've always loved: low, rumbling, steady bass notes in an everchanging configuration.

The second track is a cover I wanted to do for a long time (and I'll make more versions of this tune): In a Silent Way, written by the great Joe Zawinul and recorded first by Miles Davis (who used the title for one of his best albums).

Drone #1 6'35

In a Silent way (J. Zawinul) 1'25