E' Giugno
Words assembled by Rocco Tanica
Conceived and executed by Sergio Messina at Giardino d'Inferno in 2006/9

Rocco and I are good friends, and that is rare and precious enough. What's more, we like what we do, and especially I am a fan of almost anything he does. When I first heard his Corti, made for italian FM station Radio Deejay, I was startled: I've been using voices and spoken word for many years, but I had never heard anything so smart, poetic and funny.

One of the things I'm good at is editing words to music. So I figured I could remix some of his Corti into a song, and here it is. I made a few versions of this tune, one with guitars only, then another more danceable, but they didn't quite do the job. It's only when I found the right combination of loop/beat/sound that it all came together, still bouncy but also funny in a cartoonish way.

For those of you who don't speak italian, this is a cutup of documentary voice-overs both nonsensical and surreal, as it opens new possibilities to evolution, cross breeding and even the basic law of physics. Special thanks to Richard Strauss and Stanley Kubric.

For a number of reasons (including a sample to be cleared and a whole © issue to be solved) this one is for listening only.
E' Giugno 4'48
Sergio Messina feat. Rocco Tanica

© by Sergio Messina (read the license)