Me siente? (secondo RadioGladio)
by 99 Posse
remixed at Ambaradan, Milan, in 2001
© NoveNove/BMG Ricordi

I met 99 Posse in 1992 at my first Naples gig. They were a lovely duo of overweight neapolitans that sung kickass raggamuffin with an intense political edge, and humor to burn. A few months earlier they had a minor hit with their first single, Rafaniello/Salario garantito, and when we met again a few weeks later in Milan, they asked me to produce their first album - due by the beginning of 1993. I had never produced anything but my own stuff, but I had a small portable studio and I loved their music so I said yes. I have to admit that, even thou I played it cool I was slightly terrified: they had some powerful tunes, all written on popular hip hop/ragga instrumentals. My challenge was to use the same patterns and create brand new basic tracks with the original punch but a different, more mediterranean flavor. The resulting album, Curre curre guaglio', is one of the most influential italian albums of the 1990s, for the only reason that matters: the songs were good, compelling and poetic.

Then 99 and me went separate ways, but we stayed in touch: I occasionally appeared live with them, I played a Theremin solo on their 2000 release La Vida que vendrà, and they asked me to make a remix for their 2001 double CD NA 99 10°, celebrating their tenth anniversary. I can't remember who picked Me siente?, if me or them, but I'm glad I remixed it. It sounds completely different from the original, half speed, with a new chorus and a brand new vocal arrangement. Plus, it's almost roots reggae, one of my favorite beats in the whole world.

PS: Challenge for the nerdiest 99 fans: the version presented here differs from the one published on CD for a single, very minute (but still audible) detail. Whoever actually finds it wins a "bravo" via email from me :)
Me siente? (secondo RadioGladio) 5'44

© by Sergio Messina (read the license)