L'Ostinata (RadioGladio remix)
By Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel
Remixed by Sergio Messina at Ambaradan Studio in 1998
© Universal/Sugar 602577781827

Sometimes remixes don't come at all, no matter how hard one tries. Such was the case with Avion Travel: Sugar asked me to remix AT's hit Dormi e Sogna, but after a few tries I gave up. So I proposed something completely different: an AT megamix, made of samples from their quite large back catalog: a new Avion Travel track, with my flavor in it. That's how L'Ostinata was made, from 14 different AT songs, plus new bass and drums.

It's certainly one of the strangest tunes I ever made; someone compared it to This is not America by Bowie/Sakamoto. All I know is that after over a decade I still find it fresh (and weird) enough.

As you can see, this track is here for listening only. The © of this recording belongs to Universal/Sugar. It's here for demonstrational purposes.
L'Ostinata 4'01
Piccola Ochestra Avion Travel (remix by Sergio messina)

© by Sergio Messina (read the license)