Let's face it: canned Mozart ringtones suck, and the Nokia tune should be banned by decree. This is why I occasionally produce free ringtones for mobile phones. They're all in Mp3 format; to install them, download the file (right-click the name and "save as..."), unzip it and then follow your phone's instructions.

This one was made by my good friend and colleague Painé Cualdrelli. It's dubby, electronic and very cool. What's more, it's extra-audible (from a pocket, for example). This has been my ringtone for months. (152 kb)

Now available for iPhone (installation instructions included)
Trek tones
This ringtone features various bleeps and sounds from the commanding deck of the Enterprise. It lasts 16 seconds and it fades in. Works best in conjunction with the vibracall; included also a shorter SMS tone. (252 kb)
Close encounters
The legendary sequence of tones from the Spielberg movie. (94 kb)
A sonarlike sound, again it works best with vibracall. (77 kb)