in english (in italian here)
Sensual Musicology (may 2009)
statement for Boleros.
Airtime (jan. 2009)
My contribution to a very cool book: RE-INVENTING RADIO - Aspects of radio as art
The Realblog
My english blog about Realcore and porno in general.
Sex is the new politics, Porno is the new Rock'n'roll (oct. 2008)
So DigiCams must be the new Fender Stratocasters!
Full Commercial Potential (oct.2008)
An attempt to discourage the use of the Non commercial option in Creative Common licenses.
My artistic statement (aug. 2008)
what (I think) I do, and why (I think) I do it.
There First - Presenting The Slavesex And Pain Movie Series (june 2008)
The text I wrote for the 2008 Berlin Porn Film Festival presentation (from the RealBlog).