I don't know about you, but I often have a little feeling of regret when I think about some other career I could have chosen (besides being a dancer, which is really what I should have been). Lighthouse keeper, Ships-in-a-bottle maker, calligrapher, ocarina soloist, puzzle designer... Many of the activities that are attractive to me have a slightly obsessive, almost autustic trait. But being a musician and digital artist in 2011 is not very far from being a lens maker in the 18th century: you're mostly home, alone, looking at (or listening to) stuff for hours while you chisel, chip away, retouch.

I'm very attracted by carpets, especially traditional carpets both from central and eastern Asia. There is something almost mystical about rugs: the symmetry, the color groups, the symbols. Also, a carpet is the ultimate "Ambient Furniture": you might not notice it right away, but it sets the mood of a space (or, to quote The Dude, "That rug really tied the room together, did it not?") Unfortunately I can neither afford really nice carpets, nor know how to weave myself one. But I can use Photoshop, so I started to toy with imaginary rug design.

These decorative themes come from a collection of (I believe) wall and floor decorations (actually they seem to be scans of wallpaper) called Greek Frames, Borders and Accents. The music, a revamp of David Crosby's classic Traction in the Rain, belongs to a series of remixes I made in the past 6 years.

For the full experience, make sure to turn on 720p HD in the bottom right corner of the Youtube player (it becomes available once the video is playing), or click here for a direct HD link.