Realcore: the Desktop Movie

Yet another permutation of my Realcore concept (I must be very determined not to write a book on the subject, although my book on Alt Porn – in italian – seems to work). It’s a 13 minutes docu-drama with a small plot, that features an interview with me on the subject.

If you’re curious as to why this is a flash file and not a movie (and thus cannot be put on Youtube), you should know that the idea came from a simple realization: every time we’re at the computer (like both of us right now) we’re making a little movie for an audience of one (us), that we watch on our monitor. So my movie is set on my desktop, and what you see in your monitor is what the character Me sees in his monitor (this is why it makes sense only in full-screen). Once the movie is over you can browse my folders and check out some of my links.

Special thanks to Xister cultural who produced it, to Marco Klefisch (who proposed me to be guest artist at Radio, where it was shown last thursday), to Max Ambrosini (Supreme Flash Overlord), Valentina Fazi (executive producer), Valentina Grossi (who shot and assembled the webcam session and created the trailer), Domina Jemma (for partecipating as Student Jemma) and everyone else involved.

Flash file: download it from this page - in english or with italian subtitles.