Boleros (2009)


The concept behind this musical experiment is very simple: several different versions of Maurice Ravel's Bolero (conducted by very different directors) played together. The various versions start at different points in the piece, and are digitally syncronized so that they meet on the last, loud note. Boleros was made to be listened to - and enjoyed, especially by Bolero enthusiasts (and Minimal music fans): the consistency of tonality and the universal fame of this piece make it unique for this kind of rework. The result is very tonal music (tuning uniformity was one of the factors in the choice of versions): an iterative, fractal Bolero (a piece already based on repetition) which Steve Reich would probably call Bolero Phase.There's a text to present this concept. Boleros was premiered at the Swimming Pool Art Gallery in Chicago, in may 2009.

Boleros (four orchestras version, finale)