Choose the Right Combination of Italian Food (very bad remix)

EelstBy Elio e le Storie Tese
Keyboard solo: Rocco Tanica
mixed by Antonio La Rosa at Psycho Studios, Milan, in 1998
© 1998 HukaPan/EelST - SDSL 0001

I was making an altogether different remix (in two versions) for italian cult band Elio e le Storie Tese when this one came about. I had access to the 24 track master of their song L'eterna lotta tra il bene e il male when I discovered an hilarious vocal outtake: the pitched down voice of Elio (their singer, a minor deity in my personal Pantheon and one of the most decent persons I know in this business) suggesting right combinations of italian food in his unmistakeable english.

Take no offence, non-italians: you love italian cuisine but you rarely know how to combine it, and dining with cappuccino is just one of the liberties you take with italian food. So I figured I could rescue this lost vocal track and make it into a song, that includes elements of L'Eterna lotta (the indian sample saying "Very good, very bad") but is basically a brand new track - with an educational aim.

If you don't know Elio e le Storie Tese (or you don't speak italian) you don't know what you're missing: they're the funniest thing that happened to music since the Mothers of Invention.

Choose the Right Combination of Italian Food (very bad remix) 4'26