Domo Arigato (Congo Hippy)

By Dj Gruff/remix by Sergio Messina
from the album Frikkettonism (P.M. Recordings)
recorded at Giardino d'Inferno, Milan, in 2004
© PM Recordings/RadioGladio Records

I'm very proud of this remix. I've known Dj Gruff for a long time, and although we've been crossing musical paths a million times, lived in the same house, played on the same stages and danced to each other's dj sets, we had never actually made something together just me and him, until this time. Sandro is not exactly an easy person to work with: he has very high standards, being a somewhat musical genius, and requires very exact performances in and of his music. His sense of timing is fabulous and when he's in shape no one can scratch as funky as he does.

So when we finally got around to collaborate, in this case me making a remix of a track from his Frikkettonism album, I was very happy and excited. Frikkettonism is "music counted in eights, with very slow bpms (between 44 and 50), lots of effects (dubwise) and lots of new scratches, I mean new in the way they're used... Scratches are the vocals... Extreme EQs on toxic beats for a musical trip". Sandro is very poetic and hard to translate, as well as to please. So I was delighted when he liked my remix so much he actually included it in the Frikkettonism album.

We did this one in remote (he was living in Japan at the time), but you should catch Sandro live: on the right nights he can really take you places.