A Forest

By Sergio Messina
Vocals: Ramma
Unpublished remix of Madaski's Da shit is serious version
recorded at Ambaradan studio, Milan, in 1999

I love to make remixes, and I'm always glad to make them, especially remix music of people I like. It's the case of Madaski, keyboard player, dubman, shaman and one of the souls of Africa Unite, the oldest italian Reggae band still going strong. His solo stuff has a different flavor, more industrial and electronic. In his album Da shit is serious, there's a contemporary version of A Forest, the immortal Cure classic. While planning an album of remixes (subsequently aborted), Mada asked me to remix this track. It was a pleasure to do it, and it's still a favorite of mine, although it hasn't been published. I remember his surprise when he heard it: half the BPMs, an acoustic feel and a chorus (absent from the original) make it very, very different from his cover - as well as from the Cure original (which is what remixing/covering a tune should mean).

A Forest (remix for Madaski) 4.14