Violin samples kindly provided by Alexander Balanescu
Recorded and mixed at Ambaradan by Sergio Messina, 2000

In 2000 I was lucky enough to be part of the Klangpark team in Linz, Austria.The Klangpark is a sonic tour de force assembled every year by the fabulous Ars Electronica crew: an immense audio installation (4 huge speakers on cranes) where a group of people play live 24/7 for the whole festival. That year the team was led by the one and only Alexander Balanescu, and included Rupert Huber, Sigfried Ganhör, Isabella Bordoni, To Rococo Rot and myself. It was fun, and it's documented on an album, Lume Lume, out on Staubgold.

In order to prepare this gig, Alexander burned 2 CDs for us. One with the songs of Maria Tanase (that inspired us throughout the project), and another of violin bits, melodies and sounds for us to sample. It's exactly what I did for this piece, that I played live but that didn't end up on the album (which is mostly made from our improvisations). It was also still untitled.

Then, last may (2009), I made a video on Redoutè's beautiful roses paintings, and I synchronized it with a shorter version of this tune - hence the title.

Into roses 6'02