La Roba d'Altri

Series of unauthorized remixes (2002/2008)
conceived and executed at Giardino d'Inferno

Every now and then I hear things inside other things - things that usually belong to someone else. I've been sampling music and noises long before anyone invented the sampler: with records, cassettes, 1/4 inch tape, even jingle cartridges (for a performance in 1987). But then it became dangerous, and the shadow of, say, Stockhausen wanting money from me because I sampled some of his work became too haunting (although I've gotten away with quite a bit). Still, every now and then, I hear possible music into music, and I like to pursue it. Such is the case with La Roba d'Altri (a part of the italian translation of the 10th catholic commandment), a series of remixes done just for me and my friends. Most of these tracks are longtime favorites, so whenever I could, I asked for a blessing (and Mr LaBounty was kind enough to give it to me). Another idea behind these remixes concerns Hidden Rhythms (an expression from Migration by James Taylor): most of the beats are simple drums transpositions of guitar, bass or piano riffs originally in the songs.

You should obviously also listen to these tunes as they've been recorded by their authors, always credited in full below (with links to pages where you can preview and buy the album or song). These tracks are here for demostrational purpose only, no download.

Migration 5'30 (2008)
by James Taylor
from the album Walking Man (1974)

Com'è Profondo il Mare
5'00 (2005)
by Lucio Dalla
from the album Com'è profondo il mare (1977)

Didn’t Want To Say Goodbye
7'14 (2002)
by Bill LaBounty
from the album Bill LaBounty (1982)

7'44 (2002)
by Patti Smith
from the album Horses (1975)

Another Grey Morning
3'47 (2002)
by James Taylor
from the album JT (1977)