Inno Mutante (secondo SM)

Music by Gianfranco Salvatore
Arrangement by Sergio Messina, recorded and mixed at Giardino d'Inferno in 2006/9

This melody is a true killer. Written by my longtime friend Gianfranco Salvatore for a radio piece in the mid 80s, I heard it twice and remembered it perfectly for almost 25 years. I actually checked: I played Gianfranco this version and it was right. I just love the exotica feel of the line, and how the B of the theme replies gracefully to the A: it's a fabulous melody, exactly how italian music should be.

Yet another example of my longtime fixation for fake jazz. But this time the jazz isn't totally fake: most of the parts are actual samples from 1920s recordings. It proves something many players have said in the past, that the Groove is one, and then you apply it to different styles. I agree: swing + beat = merryment.

As in other cases, for a number of reasons this one is for listening only.

The illustration is taken from a plate by Ernst Haeckel.

Inno Mutante 5'09