In time (Limestone shuffle)

By The Nrml Dv8s
from the web album A Million Random Digits
recorded at Giardino d'Inferno, Milan, in 2003

As you probably guessed by now, I'm a fan of Jorge Luis Borges and I also like to weave imaginary things in what I do. Such is the case with the Nrml Dv8s. I created this duo (and its repertoire) as part of a big project I was cooking for Kunstradio. A very big project, that grew so immense I couldn't do it anymore, but it left some traces elsewhere, such as in this digital poem or in this band. The Nrml Dv8s owe their name to an amazing 1950 Rand Corporation book, entitled A Million Random Digits and 100.000 normal deviates. The book is exactly what the title says: 1.100.000 numbers, in neat rows of five. I've always been fascinated by this object (I have a weak spot for non linear books such as the phone book or the Bible). This band's first project was an hommage to it: I put up a little free website on Tripod and built an html version of the million random digits - a digital sculpture to celebrate this fantastic publication. Then I created two pieces of noise music for the band (downloadable from the website), and finally I made a remix of one of those using my own name - the track presented here.

There's another thing I really like: working with limited choices, or with the wrong software tool. This music was created using one sample (slowed way down) and a stereo editor, no overdubbing or effects. The various layers are added using the mix function of the software, that adds the clipboard content to the sound file. This way you cannot go back and redo things, but can only proceed forward, as the only possible way to make changes is the undo function, that works in linear steps: to undo change 1 from change 3 you have to undo change 2 as well. Silencing and stretching were also involved in the process.

In time (Limestone shuffle) 7'49