L'Ostinata (RadioGladio remix)

By Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel
Remixed by Sergio Messina at Ambaradan Studio in 1998
© Universal/Sugar 602577781827

Sometimes remixes don't come at all, no matter how hard one tries. Such was the case with Avion Travel: Sugar asked me to remix their hit Dormi e Sogna, but after a few tries I just gave up. So I proposed something completely different: a megamix, made of samples from their quite large back catalog: a new Avion Travel track, with my flavor in it. That's how L'Ostinata was born, from 14 different songs, plus new bass and drums.

It's certainly one of the strangest tunes I ever made; someone compared it to This is not America by Bowie/Sakamoto. All I know is that after over a decade I still find it fresh (and weird) enough.

L'Ostinata 4'01
Piccola Orchestra Avion Travel (remix by Sergio Messina)