Qualcosa Di Perverso (C'ho di cui il paese ha bisogno)

by Sergio Messina (1996)
from the EP Technogod e RadioGladio nell'anno del maiale (Vox Pop VP32CDs)
bass: Roberta Vicinelli
recorded and mixed at Lost Legion Sonic Lab by Maurizio Liguori/Technogod/Sergio Messina

1995: Berlusconi was in power and many of us couldn't believe it. So I made this song, with a little help from my friends Technogod (a fantastic italian electro-industrial band no longer in the business) and my then girlfriend Roberta Vicinelli, excellent bass player of the also now defunct band Disciplinatha. It features samples from the italian Tv, framed with a phrase from the italian version of the film Videodrome. It was published in a mini Technogod/RadioGladio (my stage name then) album, entitled Technogod and RadioGladio in the year of the pig (1995 in the chinese horoscope). This is the last example of how I made music at the beginning, using voices from the radio and tv as vocals. Unfortunately this CD did not sell so much, didn't get any promotion or reviews and now it has become some sort of rarity. It's a pity: the whole EP was fantastic, Roberta's part was really difficult but she pulled it off with class and the track still works to me. It's also one of the many reasons why, a few years later, I stopped making music for over ten years.

Qualcosa Di Perverso 3'32