Stiff Coat

By Sergio Messina
Sound to an installation by Crop
recorded at Ambaradan studio, Milan, in 2000

One of the five tracks I made for a fashion installation made in 2000 with videomaker extraordinaire
Claudio Sinatti (who passed away in 2014). We've been a band for a bit, Crop, we made this installation plus the glorious Gardening piece (and another that I believe is lost), we like what we do and we might do something together again sometimes. The music features samples of the greatest italian singer of all times (take this, Bocelli), Demetrio Stratos, who passed away in 1979.

The installation was very nice. It visually explored two of Claudio's passions then and now: making motion pictures from stills, and the joy of rotation (both elements are also present in Gardening). The fashion, on the other hand, was... as often fashion is: stiff, unforgiving and hard to wear - unless you're a coat hanger.

Stiff Coat 5'46