Gardening Soundtrack (2000)
by Crop (Claudio Sinatti, video; Sergio Messina: Sound)

Gardening from Claudio Sinatti on Vimeo.

This is by far the best thing I did with Claudio Sinatti, who sadly passed away in 2014. Gardening was a video he made with Photoshop, to which he asked me to put some sound to. I jumped at the chance: it’s not just a great video (made by a great videomaker), but it’s based on an idea which is very attractive to me: enhanced digital landscapes. I devised a multi-layered digital drone, to this day one of my favorite drone pieces of mine. The video was presented as a four-walls installation, and the drone (mixed in radical stereo) floated between two speakers placed diagonally in the far corners of the room. The effect was glorious. Many years later, the whole thing still makes perfect sense, and showcases Claudio’s mastery of video making, as well as my passion for one note music (thanks to Andrea Lissoni).