casa della nuova musica italiana


testo e musica di Sergio Messina

(versione originale in inglese; la traduzione italiana è qui)

Hallo America, this is Italy talking. There's a piece of news which you might have not heard about yet, but that is definitely your business, as well as ours. Some judge in the north of Italy has uncovered a large illegal organisation, created in the fifties by CIA and the italian intelligence agency to fight against a possible communist invasion, and of course make sure the local communist party didn't get any real power.

This organisation was called Gladio, and today Gladio is still alive; it counts at least six hundred members, regularly paid; some of them are quite young, as young as 22 years old. They have been picked, trained, given weapons, explosives, and protection for almost forty years now. Forty years which have been disastrous for my country; forty years of Christian democrats in power: forty years of politicians known to be thieves, connected with the mafia, totally corrupted and irrationally supported by your government, again afraid of the communists.

Forty years of mass murders with bombs in railway stations, trains, planes public places, with the obvious aim of bringing the country on a more conservative stand, bringing my country on a more conservative stand.

Gladio has over 120 deposits of weapons, hidden all over the north of the country, ready to arm an illegal war. It has a network, training camps, plans, chiefs, lieutenants, names, even free condoms. This secret organisation was known to the head of government and the minister of defence, both of mine and your country and in your case this means the Secretary of defence and the President.

The money? Most of this was paid with american money, your money. Your cash was spent so that my country could remain a faithful buyer of Coca Cola, Levis, Soap operas, Macdonalds, Foreign wars and Colgate It was done in order to keep John Wayne in the movie theatres, Michael Jackson in the charts and Dynasty on tv. It was a deliberate act. Don't let them fool you; it's true we've had the red brigades, but-the-risk-of- an actual revolution in Italy has existed briefly only right after the second world war.

So please remember, next time you pay your taxes, that some of your hard earned money goes into explosives, weapons and protection against a revolution that cannot occur, and feeds some illegal fascist free to plot against me in my own country.